Crême pour le cuir MrB
  • Crême pour le cuir MrB
  • Crême pour le cuir MrB

Crême pour le cuir MrB

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Keep your leather products in great condition for a long time with Mister B Care Leather Polish. Apply this quality cream to your leather products once or twice a year, depending on how often you wear them and you will be able to wear them for years and years. Especially excellent for those leather jeans you love and want to keep wearing over and over again.

To make sure your garment stays in great shape, use Mister B Care Leather Polish once or twice a year depending on how often you wear your garment.  Use a cloth or sponge to rub the product on the outside of your garment and always stay clear of the stitching. The oil in the polish will nourish and shine your leather and keep it supple. You won’t need to use the Mister B Care Leather Polish too often on larger leather garments like pants, shirts and jackets, but more often on items like bicep bands and harnesses because of the extra exposure to sweat they get. Keep in mind, the more you use it, the more supple the leather becomes and the garment may not return to its original tight fit.

Mister B Care Leather Polish is a semi-transparent black polish, which works very well on black or darker-coloured leather garments, but is not recommended to use on white or lighter-coloured leather.

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